Thursday, 11 July 2019

Day 4 - Climbing

Another great day today! We went to Betws Y Coed for some climbing, after a Via Ferrata up a fast flowing gorge in the morning, we stopped for a quick lunch before heading over to Llanberis for rock climbing and abseiling.

Day 3 - Coasteering

Day 3 was a busy day, we went to the Anglesea coast and spent the day climbing across the cliffs and jumping off! The sea was incredibly cold but our wetsuits kept us quite warm. It was a beautiful coastline and a great way to see it. The braver of the group took on a jump challenge getting up to 8 meters - which is about the same height as most abseil towers! 

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Day 2 North Wales

After a great breakfast of cereal and bacon rolls we had a briefing and set to work packing for our big mountain day. This year we took on the might of Moel Siabod which stands at a mighty 872 metres.  After a long hard climb we got to a thrilling scramble which saw us pushing our limits of endurance, bravery, determination, and teamwork to reach the rocky summit. Along the way we learned about the history of the local area and the quarry works as well as considering the geographical features of the area.  It was an exhausting day but I'm so pleased I managed it. It was clear most of the way up giving us great views and at the summit, we tasted cloud!

Caitlin M

Day 1 in North Wales

After a long drive up to Snowdonia, we arrived at our accommodation at the base of the fantastic Tryfan. We dropped our bags inside and explored the area. Shortly after we put on wetsuits and buoyancy aids and explored the onsite gorge.  After a short walk in we climbed over the edge and jumped in, with many overcoming fears and showing a real growth mindset before swimming up to the waterfall before floating back down river and playing a few games on the way down.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Ardres 2019: Photo album now uploaded

I have been through the vast collection of photos, deleting the near duplicates, any fuzzy or bad shots and shrinking them down to a manageable size.  I have now uploaded over 850 shots to a Google Photos album, accessible by clicking below:

Ardres 2019 photos

These are mostly from my Nikon with a few from my phone, and the phone ones pop up not necessarily in the right order.  I do have a few more from Mr Batstone and I am hoping to get some from Mrs Sawyer which I hope to add to the album later.

Friday, 31 May 2019

Panorama, and thank you

Many thanks to all the parents for helping the trip admin run smoothly by being so prompt with payments and paperwork this year, and for turning up promptly to deliver and collect the offspring at the beginning and end.  Thanks also to the pupils, of course, for making the trip go largely uneventfully.

Here's a final panorama of the lake from Thursday evening.  Well done to Toby, Eamonn and Ryan for managing to photobomb twice in the same shot (witchcraft ...).

No Photoshop; this is exactly as shot.

Travel updates

I'll add updates here.

Final ETA 15:25

13:23  (BST):  Just left Dover in coach.  On schedule.  ETA  15:30

12:17 (French time).  Ferry under weigh.

11:14 (French time).  Very fast through passport control, now waiting for about an hour to board the ferry.  All running to plan.